Providence – SQL Saturday #156

I am totally pumped up about having the opportunity to host a SQL Saturday #156 in Providence RI.

I have been involved with the local PASS group, SNESSUG for almost four years and the current chapter president for one. I have definitely grown from the experince!

I will be centering the keynote speach on the value of professional associations, a recent topic of Buck Woody at Simple Talk.

With a product as big as SQL Server (TSQL, SSIS, SSAS, & SSRS), it is great to chat with others doing work in a opposite but complementary area. For instance, any talk on cubes interests me since this is an area that I do not get to play in.

Saturday should be a good time to network with other professionals in the field and learn some new things about the product. I hope you have time to attend cool event on September 15th, 2012!

Below is the summary of the presentations that I will be giving.


Topic #1:

Full Text Indexing Basics


Today’s large data fields (LDF) are full of unstructured information stored in varchar, text, varbinary or xml data types. How do you write an application to search the column for patterns?

Traditional SQL techniques using a column INDEX and LIKE operator result in a query plan that contains a full table scan.

I will be introducing the brother’s grimm database that has the full text of each fairy tale. I will create a full text catalog / index, select a change tracking strategy, define optional stop list / thesaurus file, and then populate the index.

I will use CONTAINS and FREETEXT operators in SELECT queries to leverage the FTI. This resulting query plan performs index seek.

Download #1


Topic #2:

Designing Custom Maintenance Plans with TSQL


Have you ever received a call from a client asking for help when their SQL Server database is corrupted? You suggest that they restore the database from the last good backup. There is a long pause on the phone as the client states that the only backups/tapes they have are bad.

Do not let this situation happen to you!

I will review how to build a custom maintenance plans from the ground up using TSQL commands. What are the best practices for daily, weekly and monthly tasks? This presentation includes tape rotation schemes and restoring those backups to make sure they really work. If you company has the budget, use disk to disk backups to reduce the backup/restore times.

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