North Haven – SQL Saturday #184

I am totally pumped up about having the opportunity to present at SQL Saturday #184 in North Haven.

I will be posting an updated version of the presentation with TSQL code before the end of the weekend. I hope you have time to attend cool event on March 2nd, 2013!


How to audit and prevent unwanted user actions


Typical corporations are composed of small departments located in different countries and time zones. Adding offshore resources and vendors to the mix make the coordination IT efforts more complicated.

While you might be the lead DBA for your corporation, other people have keys to the kingdom, change control process is usually weak, and the SDLC process might not be well structured. This can be a recipe for disaster.

How do you prevent and audit unwanted user actions to key data?

This presentation will review the following techniques to fix your woes.


1 – Granting correct user access is vital.
2 – DML triggers to keep a DATA audit trail.
3 – DDL triggers to keep a SCHEMA audit trail.
4 – Preventing unwanted DATA modifications.
5 – Preventing unwanted SCHEMA changes.
6 – Preventing table TRUNCATIONS.
7 – LOGIN triggers to control who, what, and when.
8 – Change data capture (CDC) an alternative to triggers.

slide deck

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