Hartford – SQL Server User Group

I am driving to the Insurance City to present to the Hartford SQL Server User Group on November 19, 2013.

To-date, I have not been to Microsoft building in Farmington, CT. It should be quite an adventure. I am looking forward to seeing John Flannery and meeting members of his group.

Here is the gritty details of the presentation that I will be covering that night.


How isolated are your sessions?


Have you ever executed a T-SQL program that crashed due to an integrity error? Upon inspecting the job history, the error code states you have duplicate key values. However; re-running the job does not reproduce the error. You probably had an transaction isolation level issue without knowing it.

I will be covering the following topics in this presentation.


1 – Maintaining the ACID quality of transactions.
2 – How SQL Server implements transaction durability?
3 – System versus User transactions
4 – Transaction basics
5 – Exploring the various transaction modes
6 – Exclusive versus Shared locks
7 – Blocking versus Deadlocks
8 – How to detect them with my free code.
9 – How Isolation levels affect transaction behavior.
10 – What is a dirty read versus a phantom read?

At the end of the talk, you will know how to fix the above scenario by changing the isolation level.

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