Maine – SQL Server User Group – May 2014

I am delighted about the opportunity to present at the Maine SQL Server User Group on May 7, 2014. This group meets at the Tyler Technologies facility in Yarmouth, ME.

I have not been to Maine since a white water rafting trip on the Kennebec River with Crab Apple rafting company in July of 2012.

Two times in the next month I will be visiting this northeastern most state.

Do not forget to drop by the SQL Saturday #293 event in Portland ME on June 28th. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the event.

Tonight, I will presenting the following topic.


Effective use of temporary tables


Every developer eventually comes against business logic that can’t be handled with a single simple or complex query. TSQL provides the developer with several constructs that can store temporary result sets that are passed to the next query in the script.

I will be covering these various TSQL techniques with examples using the [AdventureWorks] database as well as a toy database called AUTOS. The pros and cons of each construct will be examined. Advanced options like enabling trace flag 1118 will be explored.


1 – Derived tables.
2 – Local temporary tables.
3 – Global temporary tables.
4 – Table variables.
5 – Common Table Expressions (CTE).
6 – User databases in [tempdb].
7 – Trace Flag 1118.


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