Boston – Code Camp #22

I am thrilled about the opportunity to present at Code Camp 22 in Boston. It will be a good time to meet old friends and make new ones.

I hope you have time to attend this awesome free event on November 22 nd, 2014 at the Microsoft New England Research & Development (NERD) building, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA.

Below are the details for my presentation.


Effective use of temporary tables


Every developer eventually comes against business logic that can’t be handled with a single simple or complex query. TSQL provides the developer with several constructs that can store temporary result sets that are passed to the next query in the script.

I will be covering these various TSQL techniques with examples using the [AdventureWorks] database as well as a toy database called AUTOS. The pros and cons of each construct will be examined. Advanced options like enabling trace flag 1118 will be explored.


1 – Derived tables.
2 – Local temporary tables.
3 – Global temporary tables.
4 – Table variables.
5 – Common Table Expressions (CTE).
6 – User databases in [tempdb].
7 – Trace Flag 1118.


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