Rhode Island – SSUG – December 2015

I am driving thru America’s Renaissance City, Providence Rhode Island, to present to the RI SQL Server User Group on December 9, 2015. This month is lightning talks. These are thirty minute talks to get a variety of people to speak on different topics.

Check out the meetup for more details.

I always love the home team advantage by knowing the audience very well. It makes for a relaxing environment to teach and attendees to learn.

Here is the gritty details of the presentation that I will be covering that night.


New Backup Features in SQL Server 2014


Database administrators have been able to use transparent data encryption (TDE) since SQL Server 2008. However, backups are still saved in a format that anyone can read. This version of SQL Server now supports encrypted backups for those security conscious companies.

The data explosion of the 21st century has administrators concerned with where to save all those backups?

This version of SQL Server has introduced the URL clause to the BACKUP and RESTORE commands. This means that cheap, secure, and replicated Azure blob storage can be used store those backups.

This thirty minute talk will cover the following topics.


1 – Power Shell to create Azure objects.
2 – Playing with Cloud Berry explorer.
3 – Looking at Azure Storage explorer.
4 – Backing and restoring up using the new URL command.
5 – Failed backups may cause locked partial blob files.
6 – Create master key and server certificate.
7 – Encrypting backups using server certificate.
8 – Delete certificate. Show failed restore.
9 – Restore certificate. Show successful restore.

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