Rhode Island – SSUG – February 2016

The modern database professional has to deal with the continuous growth of data. The total amount of digital data will exceed 40 zettabytes by 2020 according to a Digital Universe study released in 2012.

To put it in perspective, 40 zettabytes is 57 times the amount of all the grains of sand on all the beaches on earth. To hit that figure, all data is expected to double every two years through 2020.

As a professional, are you faced with some of the questions below:

  • Does you company have an infinity data retention policy?
  • Are you running out of space in you current data center?
  • Would you like to off load reporting from the production server?
  • Would you like to archive old data to less expensive hardware?
  • Does your company have a shut down the company DR policy?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should consider a hybrid approach to your systems. This means some of the data will reside on premise and some of the data will live in the cloud.

The presentation will cover the following topics below.


Hybird Data Platform Designs with Microsoft Azure


Reporting work loads

1 – Using a virtual machine for point in time reporting.
2 – Consider a standby server for near real time reporting.
3 – Leveraging a Azure SQL database for point in time reporting.
4 – Utilizing ETL & Azure SQL database for near real time reporting.

Data archiving work loads

1 – Duplicate schema with time selected data (Azure VM vs Azure SQL DB).
2 – Database sharding by time stamp (Azure VM vs Azure SQL DB).
3 – Placing data files on Azure Storage
4 – Using the stretch database to extend to the cloud (SQL 2016)

Diaster Recovery

1 – Using log shipping with Azure VM
2 – Using mirroring with Azure VM
3 – Using always on availability groups

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