Rhode Island – SSUG – July 2017

I am driving thru America’s Renaissance City, Providence Rhode Island, to present to the RI SQL Server User Group on July 12, 2017. Check out the meetup for more details.

I always love the home team advantage by knowing the audience very well. It makes for a relaxing environment to teach and attendees to learn.


Investigating Plans with the Query Store


In the past, you had to execute custom scripts to gather information from either dynamic management views or extended events to tune badly behaving queries. One major enhance made in SQL Server 2016 was the addition of the query store.  With a simple ALTER DATABASE statement, the database engine captures this data in memory and asynchronously writes this information to the database.  This means that a simple reboot of your server does not cause you to lose all those valuable statistics.

SQL Server Management Studio has been enhanced with screens and reports to identify this bad queries.  Once you know the problem, you can start work on fixing it. Last but not least, the live query statistics feature introduced in SQL Server 2016 allows you to see how a long running query executes.

In short, the query store is one tool that a database administrator can’t live without.

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