Boston – Code Camp #28 – November 2017

I am excited about the opportunity to present at Code Camp 28 in the surrounding Boston area. It will be a good time to meet old friends and make new ones.

I hope you have time to attend this awesome free event on November 18, 2017 at the Microsoft Office, Five Wayside Road, Burlington, MA.


Here are the details behind the first presentation that I gave that day.


Power BI Desktop Designer


The Power BI Desktop Designer has been adopted as a free reporting tool for many companies. Learn how X-Velocity uses super compression to query data faster than ever. See how Power Query can access virtually any data anywhere turning it into business information. Discover how disparate data can be conceptualized into a single business view. New visualization technology brings all this together to see your business like never before.

Business Case:

You have been asked by upper management to provide new dashboards to describe how the North Wind Traders company is doing, find new business opportunities, and make sure sales are going in the right direction.

How can you leverage the Power BI Desktop Designer to complete this request?


1. Load company data into the model
2. Load additional data for new analysis
3. Use the M(ashup) language to format data
4. Create relationships between the datasets
5. Use the DAX language to add additional measures
6. Graph the results using cool visual elements
7. Collate a bunch of graphs into a dashboard presentation
8. Make the dashboard dynamic with slicers
9. Publish the results to the cloud for sharing.

Presentation Bundle


Here are the details behind the second presentation that I gave that day.


Basic Database Programming


You just found out that a client needs a SQL database to be designed from scratch. However, you existing DBA has given two week notice. This presentation is meant for the Accidental DBA that has little to no experience with creating Transaction SQL objects. After this presentation, will be ready to meet that clients need.

This presentation will review the following topics to get you ready to code.


1 – How is a view better than ad-hoc SQL?
2 – Abstracting underlying tables via a view.
3 – Avoiding DML updates to views.
4 – Using triggers to enforce business rules.
5 – Using triggers to prevent data modifications.
6 – What are the different types of functions?
7 – Simple use of each type.
8 – Using stored procedures as an application interface.
9 – Batch programming using stored procedures.
10 – How to schedule batch jobs.

presentation bundle

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