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I am thrilled about presenting to the Southern New England SQL Server User Group (SNESSUG) on June 12, 2013.

I always love the home team advantage by knowing the audience very well. It makes for a relaxing environment to teach and attendees to learn.

Here is the gritty details of the presentation that I will be exploring during the 90 minute talk.





Effective Data Warehouse Storage Patterns


Many companies start off with a simple data mart for reporting. As the company grows, users become dependent on the data mart for monitoring and making decisions on Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Unexpected information growth in your data mart may lead to a performance impacted reporting system. In short, your users will be lining up at your cube for their daily reports.

How do you reduce the size of your data mart and speed up data retrieval?

This presentation will review the following techniques to fix your woes.


1 – What is horizontal partitioning?
2 – Database sharding for daily information.
3 – Working with files and file groups.
3 – Partitioned views for performance.
4 – Table and Index partitions.
5 – Row Data Compression.
6 – Page Data Compression.
7 – Programming a sliding window.
8 – What are Federations in Azure SQL?

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