Rhode Island – BI User Group – May 2014

I am happy about the opportunity to present at the Rhode Island Business Intelligence User Group on May 12, 2014.

I have not been to Bryant University since last year and it will be great to see what is new since I last visited.

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I will presenting the following topic.


A brief introduction to Power Tools.


In recent months, there has been a big push for self service business intelligence tools by Microsoft. The center of this universe is Microsoft Excel, a common application used by the typical data analyst.

The following four products started off as add-ins for Excel. Now, some of them are an integral part of MS Office 2013.

• Power Query
• Power Pivot
• Power View
• Power Map

It is not surprising that these four business intelligence products have a cloud offering in Office 365.

Today, we will explore how a typical BI request for the Adventure Works 2012 DW database can leverage these tools.


1 – Grabbing data with Power Query.
2 – Transforming data with Power Query.
3 – Storing data with Power Query.
4 – De-normalizing data for speed.
5 – DAX language is in the tabular data model.
6 – Power Pivot tables and charts.
7 – Adding slicers to Power Pivot.
8 – Adding the WOW effect with Power View
9 – Various Power View reports.
10 – Filtering vs drill down.
11 – Using the map to plot real world data.
12 – Story telling with tours.

Screen Shots
Steps 1 to 12
Steps 13 to 25

Presentation and Code
Document Bundle

Excel Worksheet (rename & uncompress)

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