New York City – SQL Saturday #380

I am taking a road trip to the big apple to present at SQL Saturday #380 in New York City, NY. It will be a good time to meet old friends, make new ones and learn something new.

I am really glad that my friend Denise decided to go on the road trip with me. It is really boring driving 175 miles twice on the same day by yourself!

I will be talking in the afternoon on the following topic.


Basic Database Design


You just found out that a client needs a SQL database to be designed from scratch. However, your existing DBA has given two weeks notice.

This presentation is meant for the Accidental DBA that has little to no experience with creating a database from the group up.

Topics are focused on data storage structures, security, and integrity.
After this presentation, will be ready to meet that clients need.


1 – Files & File Groups
2 – Logins & Users
3 – Security using schemas
4 – Database roles for access.
5 – Table design via SSMS or TSQL.
6 – Default, Check, and NULL constraints
7 – Handling table relationships (PK vs FK).
8 – To index or not to index?
9 – Testing database integrity using DML.


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