TSQL Programming with SSMS

Most of the articles that I presented so far for database development have been centered around the exact Microsoft T-SQL syntax to perform a certain operation. At the University of Rhode Island, I learnt how to program in Pascal before typing in my first ANSI SQL statement. In short, I will always be some type of developer in my heart.

However, many people do not come from a computer science and math background. The SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) has menus and dialog boxes to achieve many of the same results.

Today, I am going to continue the series of articles that will recreate the [AUTOS] sample database while demonstrating how common T-SQL tasks in my script can be done with SSMS. I will be going over sections 1M, 1N and 1O in the sample code with a little literary lead way to go off topic when necessary to demonstrate my ideas.

I want to explore how code objects such as FUNCTIONS, STORED PROCEDURES and TRIGGERS within the SSMS graphical interface.

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