2014 Goal Statement

I just finished blog entry two hundred seventy in December 2013. It is quite an accomplishment since it takes one or two hours to research and design to compose an good article. I figured it was time to reset my goals for the upcoming year.

Here is what I am planning for this year.

1 – Have answered a total of 400 questions at Stack Overflow. My total right now is 188 answers. That means I need to respond 212 times in the next year.

2 – Have completed a total 350 blog entries on my web site. My total right now is 270 entries. That means I need to write 80 new articles in the upcoming year.

3 – Talk at least once a month at PASS events such as User Group meetings and SQL Saturdays. This is achievable since I did this last year.

4 – I want to update my MCDBA certification to MCSE 2012 data platform. This will take some book cracking and exam taking.

As always, I will be focusing on the Microsoft SQL Server Stack: Database Engine, Integration Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services. I will of course throw an article off topic from time to time when it suits me.

I hope you enjoyed the ride in 2013. It was quite a productive year. I look forward to more interesting adventures in 2014!

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